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Finding relevant and researched information about disabilities can be challenging, overwhelming, and can sometimes seem impossible.

That's why the Ability Central Portal is making it easy to find in-depth information, relevant articles, and comprehensive digital resources by, for, and about those who are Deaf, disabled, and neurodiverse. Share your experiences, connect with your local Deaf and disabled communities, and contribute your ideas.

Ability Central is your portal to an accessible future for all.

The products and services presented on this site are presented as information only and are not endorsed by Ability Central.

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How does the Portal help?

The Portal is here to help you:

  • Discover assistive tools and technology that fit your needs
  • Locate services for people who are Deaf or disabled
  • Connect with local members of your Deaf or disabled community
  • Find and share disability-related news and information

Why Did Ability Central Create This Portal?

We’re Ability Central, a not-for-profit organization serving as an educator, convener, and resource for people with disabilities and the organizations that serve them.

We are transforming the field of communications and information access so that all individuals can realize their right and ability to receive information and express themselves.

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Resource Library
Disability Overview | Disability and Health

Disability Overview | Disability and Health

A disability is any condition of the body or mind (impairment) that makes it more…
Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement: How to Make Your Online Meetings Accessible for People with Disabilities

One in four American adults has a disability that impacts major life activities. Often…
Beat the Heat: Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

Beat the Heat: Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

Home Instead shares tips to help older adults stay safe and healthy during the summer…
Two women one care taker and the other lifting weights

Stroke Survivors with Aphasia May Be Able to Recover Language Skills

Any time Bet-R Neighborhood Market owner Cliff Boulden has a job opening, he tries to…
Practicing Self-Care While Caring for Older Loved Ones

Practicing Self-Care While Caring for Older Loved Ones

Home Instead shares tips on how to prioritize mental, physical and emotional health as a…
National Nursing Assistants Week: Honoring our Hands-on Health Caregivers

National Nursing Assistants Week: Honoring our Hands-on Health Caregivers

Celebrated June 17-23, the week honors the dedication nursing assistants bring to their…

Additional Information and Services Available

resource library

Resource Library

The Resource Library is a great place to find educational articles, insight into disability culture, information on accessibility research and innovation, and additional written literature. These resources will constantly be growing, providing you with valuable information.

Assistance Services

Find Assistance Services

Here you can find services for different disabilities such as disability specialists, professional development counselors, and accessibility experts.