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Finding the right information about disabilities can be challenging, overwhelming, and can sometimes seem impossible.

The Ability Central Portal is here to make it easy to find relevant, researched information about a disability created by and for Deaf, disabled, and neurodiverse communities.

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graphic showing the title of the article: "Self-Determination Program and the Financial Management Services Provider" on a green background

Self-Determination Program and the Financial Management Services Provider

California’s Self-Determination Program (SDP) provides disabled individuals the opportunity to take agency and control over the services offered by implementing...
graphic showing the title of the article: "Person-Centered Planning in the Self-Determination Program" on a green background

Person-Centered Planning in the Self-Determination Program

The Self-Determination Program (SDP) is an alternative option facilitated by the regional centers for people with disabilities to choose personalized support an...
graphic showing the title of the article: "The Growth of Self-Determination in California" on a green background

The Growth of Self-Determination in California

Born from the desire of disability advocates to implement a more person-centered approach, Self-Determination Programs (SDP) have prospered in the United States...

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