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An embarrassed young woman holds her hand to her mouth and stares at the floor during a conversation with a colleague
Ability Central •
About 3 million adults in the United States stutter, but most people who stutter first show symptoms as kids. In this article, Ability Central shares the early symptoms of various forms of the fluency disorder and shows when to seek a diagnosis.
A speech language pathologist in a blue blazer holds a boy's chin to guide him through a muscle-strengthening exercise
Ability Central •
About 5% of school-aged children will develop a stutter lasting six months or longer, but of those, 75% outgrow this speech condition. If you or a loved one recently received a fluency disorder diagnosis, this article will help you find the support you need.
A young child in a yellow sweatshirt and red pants curled up tight on a couch, unable to speak to the concerned mother sitting beside them
Ability Central •
When should you worry if your loved one stops talking? Ability Central discusses the various forms of muteness and their earliest symptoms so you know when to seek a diagnosis.