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A female doctor with long black hair holds up the results of a brain scan to an older Asian woman who sits in a hospital bed wearing glasses and a blue hospital gown
Ability Central •
What happens after you have a stroke? Learn how to find a specialist, how to help a loved one, the benefits of technology, and what treatment options are available for stroke recovery.
An older white woman struggles to hold a cup of coffee while her daughter reaches out to help
Ability Central •
Tourette's Syndrome (TS) is incurable, but the symptoms can be manageable with treatment. Learn what to expect in the long term, including government assistance options, co-existing conditions, and where to find support.
A teenage Black girl and her mother attend therapy together. The girl has her arms crossed tightly against her chest but is smiling
Ability Central •
Ability Central shares the first steps to take after receiving a diagnosis of Tourette’s Syndrome (TS). This article shares service providers, communication challenges, and treatment options.