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A middle aged Black man in an orange button down shirt sits alone on his couch at home, holding his head in pain in the onset of a stroke
Ability Central •
While stroke is the second-leading cause of death around the world, about 80% of strokes are preventable. In this article, Ability Central addresses the types, causes, risk factors, and prevention of strokes.
A female doctor with long black hair holds up the results of a brain scan to an older Asian woman who sits in a hospital bed wearing glasses and a blue hospital gown
Ability Central •
What happens after you have a stroke? Learn how to find a specialist, how to help a loved one, the benefits of technology, and what treatment options are available for stroke recovery.
Sitting between two heavy piles of books, an upset girl with light brown hair in pigtails gestures at the worksheet in front of her with frustration and confusion
Ability Central •
Ability Central shares the first steps to take after receiving a diagnosis of dyslexia. This article shares service providers, technology aids, and treatment options.