We believe in the right to communication and information access for all.

The internet is an incredible resource and research tool, giving us access to thousands of websites and unlimited information working to the advantage of everyone. This information is valuable for everyone, including people with disabilities, those who are Deaf, senior citizens, caregivers, family members, and researchers.

However, we know that sorting through these sites and finding relevant, accurate information can be a challenge. That’s why we developed the Ability Central Portal. Designed to be accessible, searchable, shareable, and easy to use, the Portal focuses on disability-specific information across a broad spectrum of topics. You’ll have easy access to resources including high- and low-tech devices, smartphone applications, support services, articles, news, regulatory information, events, and more.

We are aiming to be a gateway that enables individuals and organizations to identify, research, assess, and access information on a diverse array of disability-related topics.

Ability Central is committed to this mission in a variety of ways. See our other initiatives and learn more about our vision for communications equity.

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