Detour theatre company has now grown to be a theatre company of 52+ actors representing a wide spectrum of disability including both physical and cognitive life challenges. these wondrous actors are "coached" on a 2:1 ratio by a group of caring and talented individuals who are paid a small honorarium, or who work as volunteers. helping also we have both an assistant director and a resident music director. we also have a very small staff of a development person, a communications coordinator and artistic director. all other work (including all our accounting and newsletter) is carried out by a tremendous giving group of committed volunteers who are community members, family members, students doing internships, and those eager to know more about the world of disability and the arts. detour produces two full company productions yearly. each production offers a total of four shows. these are the culmnation of a 4-5 month period of weekly to twice or three times weekly rehearsals. we also ha

Auditory Disability Type:


Cognitive, Learning, and Neurological Disabilities Type:

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD)


Transitional Youth (15-26)
Child (1-12)

Healthcare Services:

Rehabilitation Services

Visual Disability Type:


Po Box 15067
Phoenix, AZ
Contact Information:

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